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My story starts out much like everyone else's on here. I get chronic bacterial infections and yeast infections and was going to the doctor once or twice a month for almost 2 years. My doctor had me convinced that this is such a common problem and there was nothing he could do for me except treat it each time. (And eat healthy and exercise, which I already do!!!)My body has a hard time fighting off infections and making enough good bacteria to fight the bad. So every time I would get my prescription it would clear everything up only to come back again. I was missing work for doctor appointments (try explaining that one when you work with all men). A week ago I felt my usual infection starting up and all I could think about was great, no more sex and I have to explain to my boss I have to leave work for another doctor appointment. On my lunch break I looked up this website never having done anything like this before. My doctor always told me the only cute for a bacterial infection was the medicine he was giving me and there was nothing I could do on my own!! Well being desperate, I read the stories on this site and thought holy crap this is the exact thing I am going through! So I went to the store and bought every single supplement and vitamin that was mentioned. What could it hurt? I bought probiotic acidophilus, accuflora probiotic, acidophilus pearls, ultimate flora, odorless garlic, vitamin d3, vitamin c, folic acid, cranberry supplement, tea tree oil, womens one a day multi vitamins. I was taking multiples of each vitamin 2 times a day and inserting one of the pearls at night in to my v. Slowly but surely both infections started clearing up. First the yeast, then the bacterial. It was like a miracle I couldn't believe something off the internet worked!! But believe me, it does!!!!I also forgot to mention I get clusters of boils in that area and on my legs, this reduced those down and they are almost gone as well!! I plan on making a doctor appointment just to have him check for infections, I want to make sure this handled it completely, but I feel normal again!!! I also plan on continuing all the pills as a precaution but in a lower dosage.

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