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I have been in severe pain for 3 days.I have taken Aleve,Toradol,and Loratab and none have even touched it.So I looked for home remedies and found this site.Tons of great advice! But the one thing that worked instantly and is still working is swishing with warm salt and garlic water.I am thrilled!!!!

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I tried warm water and about 5 drops of Melaleuca T36 oil and just let it sit in my mouth for about 30 seconds..the majority of the pain has gone and will do it through the night if needed.


What you mean garlic and salt like garlic powder???


Omg it works!!! I just mix up the salt and garlic powder water for my husband 3day tooth pain within 3min my husband was talking again pain was gone!! It really works.


It really works! 3 cloves of garlic crushed, add to warm water, add a little salt, gargle until the pain subsides. It works almost immediately!

Thank you to whoever came up with this.

k to the tron

Soy sauce it the only thing I had here and it fucking worked pretty decently wow

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