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Hi everyone, I just want to take a moment to share my story. I am 44yrs old I suffered from recurring BV for years (maybe 6yrs or more) and after visiting my gyne I was always given the script for Flagyl which I hated taking because of the metal taste it left in your mouth. I tried tampons soaked with yogurt, eating yogurt, peroxide and vinegar douches. So after a little research I went out on my own and bought several over the counter items: 1. VH Homeopathic BV Essentials pills purchased from my local Walgreens(60 pills) 2. RepHresh Pro. B pills (purchased from Wal-mart). 3. I drink 1 - 8oz glass of 100% pure pomegranate juice daily. I also take 2 multi vitamins daily. I take all of this once daily and it has seemed to help. No smell no discharge, nothing! I've been free for the last 11 months. Oh and I also purchased new panties/thongs just in case I may have been re-infecting myself. Hope this is helpful to someone.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I'm going to try this.


Thank you ladies for sharing your stories. I thought I was going insane after suffering this awful condition for almost a month straight! I started with Antibiotics and the discharge was somewhat better, but certainly not gone and I was feeling raw and sore. I'm not sure what did the trick in the end, but next time I get this (hopefully NEVER again) I would right away do the Peroxide rinse (don't leave it in, dries everything out, just sit on toilet and insert 10cc with a syringe and let it drip out). Then I put in a whole piece of garlic and 10 cc of yogurt and left it over night. The garlic stayed in for 2 days and I had to go fishing for it a bit. Yuck. But that finally did the trick and I'm feeling normal again. Halleluja!! I was prescribed another round of antibiotics and vaginal cream, which I both stopped after a few days. They didn't help and made me feel so yuckie!


Everyday I drink either 100\\% pomegranate juice or I eat pomegranate Seeds and I have not had Any be infection for about a month. I swear by this stuff. It really helps me.

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