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Whiskey rinse, Listerine rinse, and Dentemp!!! Does Wonders!!!

One of my molar teeth chipped this past Saturday evening (today is Thursday). I have been in agonizing pain the last 4-5 days. I mean Ive had tooth aches before, but this tooth ache was unlike any pain Ive ever experienced in my life. I mean excruciating pain. On Monday, when I was finally able to get in contact with my dentist, he prescribed me some antibiotics for a possible infection and ibuprofen 600 mg for the pain (as if ibuprofen would really help with the pain I was experiencing especially being at the point of just starting antibiotics). It did not help. So I was actually in pain from Saturday night up until Wednesday evening because the ibuprophen did nothing for my pain and the antibiotic had barely begun to clear the infection. I tried everything from rinsing with listerine (which helped a bit and for about 20-40 minutes), chewing bread (did nothing for me), using a heating pad/blow dryer (this usually helps quite a bit when trying to get some rest), taking ibuprofen, taking one vicodin pill that my relative gave me (that allowed me SOME relief, enough to get 5 straight hrs of sleep one night). I had tried about 10 different tips I read online and got from friends or family but nothing was long lasting UNTIL yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) I saw a recommendation that a dental assistant made on a forum. She recommended that people use a product called Dentemp. (Side Note: I also read quite a few comments about many people getting favorable results after rinsing with drinking alcohol, whisky and I read somewhere that a lot of the times what manay people think is a tooth ache is actually bad sinuses). So I went home after work and purchased, not jack daniels, but a 101% whiskey (Wild Turkey) and the Dentemp. By the time that I got home at 7pm my tooth was killing me so I did a few things. 1st I took a Zyrtec that I had left over from the summer before, then I rinses with the whiskey, then following rinsing with the whiskey I rinsed with Listerine (because I do not drink and I hate the taste of alcohol so I had to get thet whickey taste out of my mouth), finally I put the Dentemp on the part of my tooth that had chipped and was leaving a nerve uncovered. The Dentemp was a bit messy at first and it took about 2 hrs to settle and to become hard but after applying it my pain was gone within 10 minutes. I tell yall from Saturday night until Wednesday evening the pain that I was experiencing was a 100 on a scale of 1-10, but after I took that Zyrtec, rinsed with the whiskey and Listerine and applied the Dentemp my pain has been at most a 2 on the pain scale, really only a one. I am not sure if the Zyrtex did much, if anything, because I truly believe my pain was not because of sinus but because of that one tooth. I do know that the combination of those things did wonders for me, especially the rinsing with the whiskey, rinsing with the Listerine, then the application of the Dentemp. I would recommend those steps to anyone experiencing a severe tooth ache.

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