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I just started a remedy like 3 days ago...I have been experiencing extreme pain on my big toe...I noticed it was discolored, but thought I had an ingrown toenail. ..I found out it was fungus. ..I soaked my foot in bleach water and applied vaporub and tea tree oil...within hours the pain subsided... the pain I'd almost gone on 3rd day :)...I soak in bleach ware for 20 min daily, let dry, apply tea tree oil with cotton ball, then thoroughly apply the vaporub, even using qtip to get under nail bed.... the nail I'd already changing colors. ...good luck

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My Chinese medicine doctor urged me to try dandruff shampoo, and it works!! It isn't fast, but within three months I saw the yellow nails clearing up and the new nails were pink. Mine have been infected with fungus for 20-25 years, and were very thick. I used a q tip to apply- I used Head & Shoulders. I also had a candida infestation in my gut which I cleared up prior to using the dandruff shampoo. I had no idea the two were connected.

A happy feet person

I have tried everything including the kitchen sink! This is a long process, it does not clear up as many say, in days!
Soaking your feet in bleach! My goodness not an option in my opinion! Epson salts warm water, file the tops, sides of your nails, I then used gel peroxide, let it fizz, rinse, then followed by tea tree oil. At night and during the day I used Vicks on the nails, clean socks, clean feet. I have been doing this for a year...the fungus is all but gone! I continue the soaking as the epson salt is relaxing, followed by tea tree oil. Once a week I use the peroxicide.
Like I said it is a long process and thinking it'll clear up in will come back if you are not diligent. I have to wear black leather shoes, and on my feet for 10 hours a day....for the first time in 15 years I am not ashamed to wear flip flops or show off a pedicure, which I do not trust salons... Good luck and no harsh chemicals...


From what I've heard/learned, vinegar kills mold and fungus....and bleach kills mold, but feeds fungus....


its reverse, bleach kills mold and fungus (yeast); vinegar which is a form of sugar feeds yeast (that is how beer is made) so vinegar might kill mold but feed fungus as human fungus is candida which is a type of yeast!

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