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Firstly can I say do not believe the horror stories tht you read online, you life is defo NOT over and neither is your sex life. The stigma is what is scaring you but trust me it's not half as bad as you think. I was diagnosed hsv2 in November six months ago and literally I couldn't stop crying for days I felt dirty and horrible and that my life was over. I spent weeks reading all these horror stories on the internet and believing them and got myself all worked up. Then I contacted hva look for there website and realised this virus is not half as bad as you think. In the last six months I have had six outbreaks which I now see is because I continuously letting these websites and stories get to me. When I have an outbreak I believe in talcum powder and I also put sudocrem to dry the blisters out. What you need to realise though this virus is mainly affecting your brain and the way you think so that's what you need to change. It is a controllable virus it's NOT going to kill you or take over your life it's just something that you need to work around. Trust me STOP reading these horror stories STOP looking on the internet. Go to your sexual Health clinic and speak to someone or trust me contact hva you will feel a million times better within ten minutes. Please contact me if you want to talk. Look how many people in the world have this come on believe me you are not alone.

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