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I was diagnosed with GH on Jan 1, 2014 (Perfect way to bring in the new year) I'd been in pain for a few days and thought it'd go away, but it got too painful and I went to the ER where the doctor told me. I was devastated. My boyfriend, who I am still with, and myself were both virgins so I didn't understand how I could have gotten it and even doubted that I had it until a few days ago. This OB is much different from my last one and not nearly as painful. I do warm epsom salt soaks and take multivitamins daily and it's clearing up already. Trust me, it does get better. Your first OB will most likely be the worst one.

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Apparently one of you got herpes from receiving oral then. Hopefully you figure out who gave it to who.


A mi papi le an diannosticado esta emfermedad
Pero los sintomas de el son llagas en el cuerpo
Alguien me podria decir mas de esta emfermedad
Muchas gracias.


It is possible to contract it at birth from your mother. Many doctors understand this now and have found ways to prevent or minimize the chances of babies contracting it then but back 20 or so years ago, doctors didn't know or the mother didn't mention her herpes condition.

Please don't waste your time pointing fingers at each other. It won't undo what happened and its not going to help you become a strong support team for each other. Don't worry, your life can still be as great as anyone else's. Herpes isn't a death sentence. I know, I've had it for many years!

Also, tell a guy before u get intimate with him and explain in great detail the condition and way to catch it. If he chooses to leave, let him. He wouldn't have truly loved or deserved all of you. The right guy will come along.

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