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i just wnat to tell you about a remedy that you should NOT try. it sounded good at the time like a lot of things, i went to the local drug store and found some Lysine ointment with all kinds of good stuff like vitamins a and d and e.i thought maybe it would help my out break if i put it on. well i woke up the next morning and everything was raw and much much worse. so i would not try lysine ointment.

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I want to keep the sores dry and clean.. petroleum jelly is not good. soap and water actually help !


The problem was likely some of the other ingredients in the ointment, and not the lysine itself.


the problem is that it's an ointment. don't put any ointment or covering over sores - they need air to heal.


Omg! When I got my first outbreak at age 15 I had no idea it was herpes, I loaded myself up with vaseline and it was the worst outbreak of my life. I was completely raw and couldn't even walk. Finally I went to the doctor got some Valtrex(made my lower back hurt like crazy) then it went away untill now, 6 years later. I used straight acohol(dry it out),close your eyes bit down on a towel and let it burn. The sore went away completely about 3 days ago. I hope I can go another 6 year outbreak free. Good Luck to all.


Lysine ointment is helpful for me...but one time I put on more than usual and it did make it worse. Now I make sure to just use a very small amount! A light film is best.

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