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First of all, for about 5 days now, during the daytime hours I experience so much less pain that at times I forget about it altogether.

However, nighttime is an entirely different matter; the pain is so bad I have trouble sleeping until I tried the following:

1. Take one of my prescription pain medications along with a max strength
Tylenol and max strength Ibuprofen about 20 minutes before bed.

2. Irrigate between teeth using a WaterPik (if you have one) with very warm water. If you don't have one of these, flossing helps a lot.

3. Speaking of which. Floss aggressively around the offending teeth but not to the point of bleeding.

4. Brush thoroughly, especially around the offending teeth.

5. Warm up your mouthwash first or swish it in the part of your mouth furthest from the offending teeth until your mouth warms it on its own then swish your whole mouth.

6. Last and perhaps best of all, apply Tanac (10% benzocaine) or Max strength Orajel (20% benzocaine), which I need to get my hands on. This really knocks it out.

7. Consider taking some kind of sleep aid (natural/OTC: Melatonin, Benedryl, Zquil/Nyquil, warm milk or a prescription sleep aid) to help knock you out.

Some reminders:

1. Make certain everything is warm (body temperature) including warming the toothpaste, the water for irrigation, and mouthwash. Also, put the Tanac or Orajel in your pocket to warm it before using it.

2. Use a painkiller whether over-the-counter or prescription.

3. Do this or some other routine 15-20 minutes before bedtime giving it time to work while giving you time to hopefully forget about the pain so you can fall asleep.

After reading these string, I'm going to try salt water and if that doesn't help then some liquor since I haven't tried these.

Good luck

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I've been using 1 prescription hydrocodone 325 and extra strength excedrine and I get the best sleep. It's usually 4hrs then back at it again ;( Night time is the most severe and it feels like I'm dying!!! I have to prop pillows up so the. Blood don't rush to my head/nerve which makes it throb intensely! Never under estimate A toothache !!!

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