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My Dear Tooth Ache Sufferers..I Had to share my testimonial with you. The Power of Jesus Christ healed me. I was in desperate agony for 3 days with the worste tooth ache of my life. I found this site, I read so many of your remidies. I can only tell you step by step how I was healed. I swear to you I did it all the Salt water, The oragel, and I rinsed my mouth with peroxide and took Extra strength Tylenol every 6 hours. The pain would subside then return. I was on my witts end. I am disabled so I cannot go to the dentist. I have Agoraphobia. SO that question was out. So, all I could do is go into intense prayer the Father GOD and curse the spirit of pain to leave me. I will tell you that it took so much courage and repetition of : Heal Me GOD in Jesus name. I would consistantly say in almost in a deep meditation. Then I would find myself thinking what got me here. Soda, Chips, Unhealthy eating, I realized GOD was next to me..the whole time. Pleased that I was asking him for his help.I filled up the bathtub after I iced my jaw and neck and submerjed myself in the tub and imagined myself in a river of cleansing water, the pain was so intense I was hoping I wouldn't drowned. But, an inner voice said to me, now get up and blowdry your hair , put makeup on , look your best, count your blessings, you are healed! I have looked like a wreck for 3 days, but, I believed this inner knowing. When I was done looking in the mirror..i was impressed, I walked outside and deep breathed , bursted into tears , my PAIN was gone and it didn't return. Yes, It was Jesus Healing..a total miracle! I thanked him and I felt that him and I actually bonded through this. I said his name more in 3 days than I praobaly had in a year. My faith is restored . My tooth is still cracked and I can see the gum line..but, the pain was taken away by Jesus Christ. With GOD All things are possible. Elisa

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Ok no offence but I'm not such a believer. I am aphist if I spelt that right. If you don't know what that means then I don't believe in God. So what I really am saying here is I kinda find this post slightly offensive. And yeah, I know it isn't trying to be but it slightly is to me. And also people with other religions. Plus I saw a comment that I kinda now think that Christians and Catholics are kinda rude, selfish and like they say that Christianity is the only way. I don't think this about the post too much but the comments have confirmed it for me. I hope your all happy now
(But I did kinda like the post...It was a little too religious for me though...soz)


This is NOT a helpful remedie, but thanks for using yet another site to spread your Christian propaganda.


Praise him! God is good!! Amen amen


I cried when I read your post you touched my heart in so many ways GOD heals all who have faith and I call on GOD all the time to HEAL me I never know the time or minute or day that MY GOD is going to take away the pain I WORSHIP MY GOD THANK YOU GOD MY FATHER WHO LOVES AND CARES SO MUCH ABOUT US ALL GOD LOVES US ALL NO MATTER WHAT WE ARE GOING THOUGH GOD WILL BE RIGHT THERE TO SEE YOU THOUGH


Why is there no zero rating? I can't even rate this because it doesn't even deserve a 1. Jesus? Really? Some people on here for legitimate home remedies, and the best thing you can do is tell them to pray? Jesus is going to fix toothaches about as well as he fixes cancer. GTFO with that crap.

ryan john hinds

that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard quick oh god i have a bowell obstruction ill just pray and let a little jesus fall out of my jehovah


And it is so....Since 3 this morning I have had a terrible toothache that has kept me awake so I have nit had any sleep. I have tried water took ibuprofen etc but my tooth has still been hurting after getting tired of running back in forth in bathroom I looked up home remedies and found this. I've already prayed over my tooth and I know gods gonna heal just gotta be patient.


amen you talk really pretty about god and the way he can take toothache pain away also the home remedies given in this site and thank you so much.


Before you judge and belittle this fellow living person, change your perception to your own lives, some of you don't believe in miracles because you haven't seen and or paid attention to the miraculous in front of you already, others do not because they would rather do their own time and life wasting persuits instead of doing the just and righteous by obeying Gods word, I'am not annoyed in the least at your petty remarks, Jesus has to much grace and honer to be downsized by them, besides they are only a product of your inner anger stemming from some disappointment in your own lives, one day you will crippled from your actions, you will be humbled, and you will turn to God, the lord will receive you and you will have peace, Jesus loves you as well as everyone reading this simple paragraph, he wants you to have a good life, with joy, prosperity and peace, I will pray for all of you later tonight, May the good lord bless you, May the good lord keep you, May he make his face to shine upon you, may the good lord be gracious unto you and give you his peace, may you walk in the assurance that your life is a life with purpose and substance, Goodnight and give the Lord a shout of glory


i too am praying to god, that i can last till i go to the dentist (2 days to go)and that he dosnt rip me off.
pain killers. garlic, clove oil and whiskey only remides that work!

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