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My Dear Tooth Ache Sufferers..I Had to share my testimonial with you. The Power of Jesus Christ healed me. I was in desperate agony for 3 days with the worste tooth ache of my life. I found this site, I read so many of your remidies. I can only tell you step by step how I was healed. I swear to you I did it all the Salt water, The oragel, and I rinsed my mouth with peroxide and took Extra strength Tylenol every 6 hours. The pain would subside then return. I was on my witts end. I am disabled so I cannot go to the dentist. I have Agoraphobia. SO that question was out. So, all I could do is go into intense prayer the Father GOD and curse the spirit of pain to leave me. I will tell you that it took so much courage and repetition of : Heal Me GOD in Jesus name. I would consistantly say in almost in a deep meditation. Then I would find myself thinking what got me here. Soda, Chips, Unhealthy eating, I realized GOD was next to me..the whole time. Pleased that I was asking him for his help.I filled up the bathtub after I iced my jaw and neck and submerjed myself in the tub and imagined myself in a river of cleansing water, the pain was so intense I was hoping I wouldn't drowned. But, an inner voice said to me, now get up and blowdry your hair , put makeup on , look your best, count your blessings, you are healed! I have looked like a wreck for 3 days, but, I believed this inner knowing. When I was done looking in the mirror..i was impressed, I walked outside and deep breathed , bursted into tears , my PAIN was gone and it didn't return. Yes, It was Jesus Healing..a total miracle! I thanked him and I felt that him and I actually bonded through this. I said his name more in 3 days than I praobaly had in a year. My faith is restored . My tooth is still cracked and I can see the gum line..but, the pain was taken away by Jesus Christ. With GOD All things are possible. Elisa

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I pray you realize there is a living God before it's too late, God please forgive them, they don't realize what their even saying. God loves even you.

Gods Children

shame on the ones denying Jesus healed this lady..If you deny the Father someday he will deny you, something to think about..God Blessings to the lady who was healed from this pain by Jesus..He is the greatest physician of all..Thank you Jesus for healing this lady and I pray for the ones on here who are making rude comments and doubting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..God Bless to all and prayers








Elisa, darling, It's good to believe in something, it gives you hopes. But don't forget God send us dentists and he will be offended if you don't approach one of them.


Amen, God is truly our healer and to those that mock him...u should be ashamed of urself


I am a born again believer. My filing fell out and i can only go to dentist on weekend. I read ur testimony now at the office and asked God to heal the pain ...I confessed that by Jesus stripes I am healed ..and praise God pain is gone. Nothing is impossible for God. Unbelievers ...get hold of a Bible and read book Of John ...4Th book in New TESTAMENT and learn about who Jesus is. God bless u all. Jesus is Lord of lords and King of kings. Hallelujah.


This is the dumbest thing I have ever read.


Love this post! I'm grateful to know that they're are still people out there who have not been brain washed by this world full of hippie beliefs AND thoughts about 'energy' and 'self healing' and how there is no GOD...... I'm glad to hear that there are still people who believe in GOD, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings!!!! Who came into this world as Jesus Christ and died on the cross for EVERYONE including the people who have denied, ridiculed & mocked him then and now. My molar is beginning to bother me so I came on this site and I'm thankful to have found tis because it reminded me to pray for my tooth ;))

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