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My Dear Tooth Ache Sufferers..I Had to share my testimonial with you. The Power of Jesus Christ healed me. I was in desperate agony for 3 days with the worste tooth ache of my life. I found this site, I read so many of your remidies. I can only tell you step by step how I was healed. I swear to you I did it all the Salt water, The oragel, and I rinsed my mouth with peroxide and took Extra strength Tylenol every 6 hours. The pain would subside then return. I was on my witts end. I am disabled so I cannot go to the dentist. I have Agoraphobia. SO that question was out. So, all I could do is go into intense prayer the Father GOD and curse the spirit of pain to leave me. I will tell you that it took so much courage and repetition of : Heal Me GOD in Jesus name. I would consistantly say in almost in a deep meditation. Then I would find myself thinking what got me here. Soda, Chips, Unhealthy eating, I realized GOD was next to me..the whole time. Pleased that I was asking him for his help.I filled up the bathtub after I iced my jaw and neck and submerjed myself in the tub and imagined myself in a river of cleansing water, the pain was so intense I was hoping I wouldn't drowned. But, an inner voice said to me, now get up and blowdry your hair , put makeup on , look your best, count your blessings, you are healed! I have looked like a wreck for 3 days, but, I believed this inner knowing. When I was done looking in the mirror..i was impressed, I walked outside and deep breathed , bursted into tears , my PAIN was gone and it didn't return. Yes, It was Jesus Healing..a total miracle! I thanked him and I felt that him and I actually bonded through this. I said his name more in 3 days than I praobaly had in a year. My faith is restored . My tooth is still cracked and I can see the gum line..but, the pain was taken away by Jesus Christ. With GOD All things are possible. Elisa

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debbie f

I have a wisdom tooth that is broke off... and my pain comes And goes . But I know its gonna Get worse .but the other nite I begin to pray and I knew God was more than able to h wlp me and that he can even restore my cracked tooth...Gods been sooo good to me I thank him for everything...and your testimony has confirmed what I already knew...Gods word says we are made overcomers by the blood of the lamb..and the words of our testimony...dont let all the doubt and unbelief responces get u down....God is in control of everything...especially unbelievers...Praise God anyway...if God allowed peter to find money in the fishes mouth to pay their taxes...He can do anything...God bless


God bless u 4 testifying his goodness. He can do wonders bcos HE is power itself.


I'm pretty sure god has better things to do than cure tooth aches.


I also suffer from agoraphobia so I'm not trying to be funny God is good.. but if he healed your toothache why didn't he heal your agoraphobia???.


Praise Jeebus! Oh wait...


He didn't give you a new tooth? Darn, you figure that taking the time to heal your pain he'd give you a new one to rot away.


Jesus Christ eased toothache. I've heard some bullshit come out of Christians/ Jehova's Witness's but damn this bullshit tops the lot. Jesus / God Doesnt exist when you damn fool's gonna realize this


Okay what a load of garbage. Firstly Jesus or God dont not exist never have never will all rubbish. Secondly if there was Jesus or God your saying that in there fantastic wisdom ( as your basically saying) That they were quite happy to leave you disabled and Agoraphobia but decided to take the time to ease a tooth. Lol ooooo my day's your quite possibly the dumbest igit on the planet today.


If a person post that they believe God healed their pain, then so be it. Aparrently that's what they wanted was the pain to be gone, not a new tooth. Now for someone to comment something as rude and mindless as some of the rude comments on here, that shows absolute unhappiness in their miserable lives, and they gotta take time to put others doen to feel better. Get a life people. Yeah, I also believe in God, and he DOES exsist, he's proven it many times. And as for the person that was healed of the tooth pain and shared their testimony, you are truely blessed, cuz I suffer from all my teeth being in pain. You re testimony is great!


You're on crack.

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