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ok im 24 and i had 2 babies my 1st baby i had when i was 18 she streched me right out!! it looks like my tummy is on fire.. i mean i have tons of strech marks everywhere! there ugly! but...i was reading and some 1 said you can not get rid of strech marks once u have them! SORRY TO SAY BUT IT'S TRUE! you can only help them fade! all the things about preventing are good! i should have done them! like the collugen lotin helps your skin gain elstisity which helps u strech.. but if u have strech marks all u can really do is us creams for scars cause thats what they are..

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You definitely CAN get rid of stretch marks!! I'm 16 now but when I was in junior high I was really short and skinny and suddenly I grew a TON and got bigger boobs & hips and had these freakish purple and pink stretch marks up and down the sides of my hips. My mom told me that once you get stretch marks there's nothing you can do, but I just ate healthier and used aloe vera all over my body in circles and they went away immediately. But then this year I got more on the backs of my upper thighs and did the same thing and they faded but aren't gone YET. You really just have to be patient and find something that works for YOU. We all have different skin and the cocoa butter sticks and olive oil aren't going to work for everyone. It's painstaking, I know, but I also know how awful the stretch marks make you feel about your body. Trust me. There's hope!!!! (:


Huh, I got rid of all mine using Shea Butter mixed with Olive oil. Rubbed it in daily (twicw a day) and about 8 months later - no more stretch marks. And mine were all over 20 year sold. So yes, there is hope!!!


Actually,you can remove stretch marks,just not with a home remedy,but with surgery.
It's true women shouldn't worry about it, but some women who are models and signed music artists, actually DO need to up keep their images. Either way every woman has the right to feel sexy, so please say it doesn't matter, if some one wants to remove them.


i am sat here reading all of your comments and i think those that are saying you cannot get rid of them are wrong.
we all have different skin types and to be honest maybe some of use dont want to just live with them.. stop putting every body elses hopes down just because it didnt work for you. like i said we are all different

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