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Dave W.

Please take the time to read this, I know it is long but could really help you!!

Okay, first off I just want to state that I am a very very self conscious person and tend to spend more time in front of the mirror than most, including my girlfriend. To her, and anyone else who knows me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I am generally looked at like I am very good looking, and before you say I am stuck up, I am not, I am leading up to my main point. I am so self conscious to the point where I spent over 20,000.00 having my teeth re-done to be 'perfect' in my eyes. I think I have horrible skin, complexion, etc. I am going to tell you what worked for me for Angular Cheilitis, as a person who has tried almost every remedy for almost every problem I 'thought' that I had.

Every so often for the past few years I have gotten a crack in the side of my mouth that I thought was due to dry chapped lips. And every time, the issue was resolved within a week. Not the last time though... I developed a crack in the corner of my mouth after having the work done on my teeth. I thought it was due to the fact that my mouth had been through such trauma being stretched open multiple times. When the crack didnt lessen I did some research and found out that indeed, I had angular cheilitis.. My brain kicked right into self conscious mode and the experiments started:

First: I kept the cut clean using mild soap and the topped off with a glob of cortisone ointment. After 2 days there were no results.

Second: I again cleaned the crack with mild soap(unscented Dove) and afterwards I used Witch hazel on the wound, applied with a cotton ball, again I topped off with cortisone ointment. No positive results.

Third: I went a bit more extreme and switched from a mild soap to a anti-bacterial dawn dish soap. I cleaned the crack and applied a mixture of cortisone and a layer of vaseline. The next day I noticed minor results indicating that some aspect of this regime was working.

Fourth: I again cleaned with dawn dish soap, after this I used a q-tip and thoroughly cleaned the crack with Hydrogen peroxide. I then applied vaseline only. I noticed that the inflammation was diminishing and I could open my mouth slightly more than previous days.

FIFTH(The Remedy): At this point I knew I was on the right track so I once again cleaned the crack with dawn soap, then used the peroxide and then I remembered a product I had bought to aid in the healing process for mole-removal, it is from a company called Dermatend. And it is there product called: Quick Healing Balm. I looked at the ingredients:
-Organic Tamanu Oil
-Organic Sunflower Oil
-Organic Coconut Oil
-Organic Plantain
-Tea Tree Oil
-Aloe Vera

I also remembered a few months prior I bought another product that is made for cold sores (I bought it to use as a healing chap stick) This product is called Lysine healing oitment. Lysine contains alot of iron which I knew would help in the healing process.

I applied a small dab of the lysine product directly into the wound and then slathered a large amount of the healing balm over the entire area and surrounding lip and skin areas and I put a band-aid over everything to ensure that the moisture would be held in. I left this on overnight.

When I woke in the morning I opened my mouth and was in pain still... I was very disappointed, I went to the bathroom and proceeded to wash the wound with dawn dish soap again and I mixed with peroxide instead of water. As I was cleaning the area I noticed that there was actually no open wound at all! It was a small scab and as I cleaned it, it actually fell right off revealing new uninfected skin underneath. I was in shock that my remedy actually worked. I continued to put the healing balm on for that day just to be sure the new area didnt dry out and crack.

This remedy literally healed my angular cheilitis overnight. Maybe the prior nights of remedies helped a bit but I know when I put my final remedy on, my wound was wide open and very painful.

In conclusion, I am not stating you have to buy the same healing balm that I have, but if you do have the simple ingredients that are in that balm I know you will have positive results.

I really really hope that this info will help someone, it isnt fun worrying about yourself and being self conscious all the time. We only live once and none of us deserve to not live our life to the absolute fullest. Dont give up on yourself, we will all pull through.

Take care everyone!!

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