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I've had multiple cracked wisdom teeth for almost 2 years now with exposed nerves. Recently, the pain has gotten so bad it's unbearable. No amount of numbing gel or pain medication would fix it. It was so bad, I couldn't turn my head without feeling a sharp pain from my temple to my lower neck. I've tried salt water, sage and boiling water, tea bags, cotton balls soaked in numbing spray, you name it. Tonight, I combined walgreen's brand throat numbing spray and 3% hydrogen peroxide in a medicine cup, 2 parts peroxide - one part spray, and swished a bit in my mouth before soaking a q-tip in the mix and applying that directly on top of the exposed nerve. The pain has subdued completely. I've had to repeat the process 3 times before the pain has stopped all together, but the 3 minutes it takes me to do this is well worth the hours I can spend crying over my sore mouth. I highly recommend this method for anyone suffering with a toothache similar to mine or even one at all.

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