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Please don't listen to the post that suggest putting toothpaste on a boil unless you only plan to put it on the boil for an hour or less. i left toothpaste w/ gauze on a boil i got on my butt cheek for almost a whole day and it burned my skin. and burned it bad! The boil did pop but i have a black burn on my cheek. please try prids the drawing salve!!! it really does work and is medicated for that type of thing.

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Does Ichthemmal lose its potancy? It worked just fine last year on a white head but after four days of applying to another white head, no results are forthcoming.


Toothpaste..and Vapor Rub, worked OVERNIGHT..for me. Cancelled my doctors appointment, and NOT run to the store and buy all this overpriced crap. Try the home made stuff first. It will save you money...and prepare you for ObamaCare 2015 and beyond. {Just ask Greece how that socialism is working}

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