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I used to get bladder and kidney infections when I was little, until we figured out that I had a birth defect.. then we found ways to at least keep them at bay.
Dont wear nylon swimsuits or panties all day, or for extended periods of time.
Drink at least a small glass of cranberry juice daily.
Drink mostly light colored fluids, rather than dark ones (except cranberry juice)
Clean your privates thoroughly after sex.
After going to the toilet, wipe ONLY from the front to the back. NEVER wipe the poop towards the pee. This is a big cause of bladder infections. Just get a smaller chunk of TP and wipe once, then toss, then another piece, and another, until you feel dry.
DONT use scented tampons or maxipads.
Dont spray perfume in your undies.
Try to wear looser cut pants/ shorts, or just wear skirts for a while, and cotton undies.
Douching might be okay, but its more about the urethra than the vagina, so just keep that urethra area clean.

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did you actually spay perfume in your undies?


Shes probably talking about the feminine sprays........

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