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I hate to rain on the home-remedy parade but in my case, my suspected sebaceous cyst turned out to be a cyst of the upper salivary gland (not really sebaceous), which just happens to have the facial nerve running/branching all through it. This is the same area (upper/rear cheek) where many people do get sebaceous cysts, and it pretty-much acted like a sebaceous cyst to me (occasionally I thought it might be coming to a head, and/or it looked like there was a particular spot/pore on it that seemed like it was irritated or trying to open or something), but it wasn't part of the skin it was in the salivary gland. No amount of warm compresses or drawing salve were going to fix it, and I could have paralyzed the whole side of my face (or just parts of it like the eye) if I had tried to lance it or inject it with anything myself at home. It took a fairly lengthy & semi-serious surgery (parotidectomy) to have it removed, which took ~ 4.5 hours and a nerve-monitor, left a badass scar going from the top of my ear through-the-ear and then trailing down my neck, a weird permanent depression at the back of my cheek, a months-long recovery of the facial movement on that side and permanent numbness in a small area around & including the bottom half of my ear (and still I am SO glad I had it done cause I will TAKE IT ALL over that big lump on my cheek)! I don't mean to scare anyone or discourage anyone from treating a sebaceous cyst with a home-remedy, many of which work just fine for sebaceous cysts, just please keep in-mind that if the home-remedies don't work, you may be dealing with a different type of mass that really warrants professional medical help. Unfortunately having a doctor drain or cut-out a cyst (especially on your face) IS a disturbing prospect (for that reason many people who get a salivary gland cyst actually wind up putting off surgery until they are experiencing serious pain or facial paralysis), but in some cases like mine, it's really the only safe solution and trust me surgery (kinda scary though it is) beats having a big lump on your face. If the home remedies don't work, go to a doctor (they aren't all mean or bad)!

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Are you sure it wasn't a carotid gland tumor? I had one, and it sounds similar to your experience. My PCP diagnosed it as a cyst; but when it got bigger, I saw a surgeon. He said it was a tumor of the carotid gland. While they are almost never cancerous; they can become very large & paralyze the facial nerve. Even with surgery, the facial nerve can be paralyzed. I'm glad we both had optimal outcomes!


Meant Parotid Gland Tumor!

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