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Hello everyone! I have a lot of bad broKen teeth a lot of missing fillings,I heard about oil pulling and was afraid to try it because of all the holes and broken teeth but I had a.severe toothache it hurt so bad yes worse than my 4 childbirths so I was desperate and tried oil pulling with organic coconut oil, if you look up oil pulling you will find more info on how it works! After I swished the oil around for 20 min I rinsed with salt water and then brushed my teeth and the pain was gone until I ate anything or if anything came in contact with the tooth so I bought some orbit gum peppermint it is sugar free and is made to help keep your teeth clean so I chewed it first on the side that didn't hurt then pushed it against my gums by the teeth that were hurting then finally pushed it into the holes with my tongue and just left it there and no pain at all. After I took it out it didn't hurt anymore for days I do oil pulling every morning and if I get any pain I use the orbit gum and it's amazing how well it works and it works every time. If the pain does not stop instantly from the gum just tilt forward and rub the side of your jaw for a few min. give it some time to work it had worked perfectly for me every time!!! Good luck!

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