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Hello. First of all sorry for the expelling. Its been almost eight months with this stupid Jock Itch sickness. At fist I did not know what it was I went to different doctors and no cure for six months. Until I Google it. Now in order to win a war first you need to know your enemy. And that's what I did I study my sickness... for one full month did not take anything and after that I found within the jock itch there are three enemies...

...The fist one is a ringworm. It looks circular and feel hard when u touch it.
...The second one is a line, it could be horizontal or vertically, and feel hard when you touch it.
....The third is the scaffin and is tender and it soft and hurt when you touch it..
Now some of us can have one or all three, like I did. There is a itching, and burning, it horrible.
Now you have to kill them in different ways. But first of all you need to take care of the burning and itching. Thank God for medicine.. OK you need to go to Walmart and buy Vagicare and Vagisil, yes I know it the cream that the woman use for There viganal, but this cream has Benzocain and Resorcinol which give you anesthesia you u can feel nothing like if you don't have anything...
Now its not permanent it depends, if you need to work it will take about a hour . If you are resting about two hours. Ether way when you feel discomfort you need to clean the area with paper towels and reapply. This is just the beginning..
You need to attack this. From the inside out. So what work for me was lamisil the pill , there are other pill but any will work, and you will find out if is working when you go and take a crap, there will be nasty smell, and your crap will be back/ brown with white strips, Yes I now is disgusting but is the only way to find out if you are kill it.... Now this is very important you need to drink lot and lot of water, thats how you wash the virus out of you body, now you also need to drink plum juice, or take matamucil. Be cause toe will be constipated when you are in the pill. When you crap comes normal the gone and all you have to do is kill the leftover with the .lines and the ringworm use the cream lamisil mix with tin acting powder with the ingredien tolnaftate. With the scaffing uses tinture merthiolate the orange one. And use boudreauxs butt.paste. every time you need to apply any. Cream always clean the area and change underwear. I hope this.helps and God bless you ..

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