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Been suffering from a tooth with exposed nerve for months.knew tooth had to be extracted last year, but let it go due to minimal to no pain. Recently the pain has intensified so I scheduled a consultation with oral surgeon to set up a date to have it removed. Saw the Dr. March 31 and had scheduled the extraction for April 11. It is now April 7 and my tooth has been giving me utter hell. It has it's own heartbeat, well that's the way it feels. I'm talking pain that just sticks. I just so happened to have a prescription for Hydrocodon, which helped on occasions , but not all the time and you don't want to over do that one. It seems this last Hydrocodon I took did not help at all, so I resorted into looking for home remedies which led me to this site. Found some interesting remedies and decided to take what I had on hand and produce a concoction to provide me some relief until my appointment, which I will try to reschedule for a sooner date. What I did was took my bottle of bourbon out of the garage fridge and heated up approx one half ounce in microwave and crushed 2 ea 800 mg prescription ibuprofen with plastic pills crusher( you can use a mortar and pestle to obtain the same results) I mixed this with one teaspoon of heated bourbon to form a paste and applied around and In between my teeth where the problem area exists and am currently typing this virtually pain free. It has been almost an hour since application and still no pain. Thank goodness I found my daughters ibuprofen . I figure you could achieve the same results with over the counter pain meds, just make sure they don't have that protective coating on them. Makes for a softer paste. This is something to experiment with especially if desperate to relieve pain. I heard mixtures of cloves cinnamon and honey help out as well and rubbing alcohol. I've not tried these so I don't know if they work, but common sense will tell u that making a paste using alcohol will allow meds to absorb quicker into the problem area. As mentioned before, these remedies are hit and miss. Some will work, some may not or just provide a short term fix . Hope this info was helpful. The toothache is a very painful ordeal to suffer through and wouldn't wish it on anyone. I feel for all those out there who don't have dental care or insurance. Take Care

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