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I have a broken wisdom tooth that get s really nasty when I'm run down... and until I can wrangle enough cash to get it fixed, it's just damage control when it flares up. My usual arsenal of brushing whatever's ticking it off, followed by oil-pulling with coconut oil wasn't even making a dent--pain right in the jaw (which means I need to get it sorted sooner rather than later, I know!). So plan C. Cotton ball with straight clove oil jammed along the joint and gum line... 10 minutes and my whole freekin' cheek is numb--but at least it's not screaming anymore! Hope this helps if some you have clove oil around (it's like the stuff the dentist puts on your gum before giving you a needle)... it also has killed my sore throat (which is probably what's running me down!).
my own home made toothpaste (mostly bakingsoda and coconut oil)

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What type of oil did you use? I'm dealing with the same issues. my bottom right wisdom tooth is broke and no $ for dentist. I'm in so much pain i can't stand it! How long does it last for no pain??

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