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About 6 months ago I had a very bad toothache.It was a wisdom tooth swollen for nearly 2 weeks.I could hardly eat much except things like yoghurt.I could hardly sleep and I tried a lot of remedies listed here sometimes in the middle of the night.Toothpaste,garlic,whiskey -you name it but none really worked for me.
This is what worked for me.I put my finger on the hurting tooth and I said something like this ( can't remember exact words)..In the name of Jesus I curse the pain,I command the pain to go and the inflammation to go right down.I speak total healing.Thank you Jesus.After this I went in the kitchen and took a piece of leftover meat (what others had for lunch) and I chewed with the hurting tooth-eyes watering-it was hurting so bad but I chewed anyway.That night I slept well for the first time after nearly 2 weeks.I woke up and the pain was completely gone,swelling gone and never had problems with that tooth since.
Hope that helps someone.God bless

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How did this toothache remedy site turn into such a putrid hate filled attack on people and God? Please get back to the point. People are just sharing what has helped THEM, which is the purpose if the site!

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