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Engorged Breasts/OR an easy way to even increase production

This ones so easy! Engorged breasts: Just get in the shower, and take your top off. Then gently squeeze breasts together, as this should help extract some of the milk without having to pump. If you have problems getting ANY milk out, then just kinda pinch the nipples a little, until it starts, but just dont do too much of this massage technique, as doing it too much can stimulate your breasts to make milk, too.

Stimulating production:
Stop wearing a bra for a couple days. Massage your breasts, with just a gentle squeeze, or circular motion, as is used in monthly exams. If need be, pump more frequently than you are comfortable. Like in between feedings. This will signal to your body that it needs to make more.

Also, beware of what you consume, as it may not be safe for your infant. Just try this massage approach first, then ask your Dr if any of the herbs or ingested/ topical home remedies are safe.

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