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Reading this site, I see a lot of talk about ACV, looks like a lot of them end up referring to women.

Does this work with guys as well?

Any guys used ACV and have a method? Example once a day for 15 minutes with cotton balls? Q-tips?

Or any guys have any good methods? I've had GWs since August of last year, I have some smaller ones that will go away and come back. But I have one spot that just won't go away. I'm trying to boost my immune system with zinc to help fight it. While also recently starting taking Tagamet on a recommendation from my doctor, to help fight acid which can help fuel the GW's according to my doctor.

Any help would be appreciated.

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What is acv?


where can i get ACV?


acv is apple cider vinegar, you can buy it at any grocery store!


What is ACV


ACV Is short for Apple Cidar Vinegar....You can buy it at any Supermarket...

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