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I have been battling a mild case of ringworms. This bacteria is simply hard as heck to rid. I finally tried coconut oil as well, after trying multiple creams, lotions, clear nail polish, to just name a few.

I purchased virgin coconut oil (about $10) Mixed a very small amount with a few drops of GSE and applied to my skin.
The small bumps and red pinkish patches appeared inflamed and even itched a little. I also ingested a few drops of GSE and about 1 ML of oregano oil. I even out about 1-2 tsp of coconut oil in some hot tea (as I google'd the many uses for this amazing stuff. Within a few hours I looked down and my arms were practically clear. I applied again that night and twice so far this morning.

I am super pleased and confident this is the cure!! GOOD LUCK!

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What in the world is GSE. Sometimes our short cuts need to be properly explained.


I would also love to know what GSE is. Please explain.


Guessing GSE is grapefruit seed extract


Ringworm is not caused by a bacteria. Any anti-bacterial remedies will not work. Ringworm is caused by the fungi group for which it is often to: Tinea Corporis.


GSE = Grapefruit Seed Extract. Available at Vitamin Shoppes and available at Amazon. Very affordable. I would bet the results the original commenter had are more attributed to the GSE than the coconut oil.
I can attest to the GSE being the one and only cure of the many I tried home, natural, or over the counter commercial crèmes. ONLY GSE gave legitimate results. Look for my full explanation on this page..


In response to anonymous' point that antibacterial remedies will not work - many if not most antibacterial natural remedies are ALSO antifungal, and therefore WILL work to combat fungal infections.

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