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Ok so I honestly don't know which one of these worked bc I did so much, but hey this is war. On Monday I felt a tingletingle on the center of my lower lip and I panicked. I had literally just gone 2 days since my last out break had cleared up to where it was just pink skin. These things cripple my life. I don't go out and stay in my house doing battle. Ive read a lot of remedies, since ive been getting these things (under a year now). And instead of changing things I just incorporated them as I saw fit. With plenty of consulting this page and many MANY more lol. At the first tingle I started icing, rubbing alcohol and tea tree oiling the shit out of it. So much so where I was having trouble discerning whether the blister was forming or i was just rapidly drying out my lip. But I kept at it and dropped prob 8000 mgs of lysine through out the day. When I got home I put garlic on it ice then rubbing alcohol, then tea tree oil to sit on for a little bit. Woke up the next morning and it looked like it was going to be a bad one. So I kept at it and kept at it. High doses of lysine, about 2000mgs morn, noon, night, then another 1500-2000 right before sleep. I also started taking garlic pills, Echinacea, and zinc. At about double doses. Didnt want to overdue it. I did everything again, garlic sliced in half and squeeze the juice then place it on the sore for about 10 mins, once that was done I'd put alcohol on a q tip, and hold it for about 30 secs. Then I'd put tea tree oil on it and hang out. Mind you I still have started blistering and getting all nasty. It was just kind of turning a brown. Now at this point I started reading a lot of stuff on honey. Sooooo I slapped some of that in intervals between the tea tree oil after my garlic and alcohol sesh's. Went to sleep with tea tree oil on it. Woke up and it definitely looked like a scab. I was THRILLED. Literally 3 days and it was a scab. So I started putting neosporin on it after I decided these blisters weren't coming. And few hrs later I was examining myself in the mirror and trying to get dry skin flakes off my lips and one of them stuck to the scab! I freaked out bc my curiosity told (and made me keep pulling) then my rational side came out and I stopped. So I hear I was standing in front of a mirror with a cold sore scab half hanging off my bottom lip and the other half not feeling so willing to come. So I go to my alcohol and rub rub rub. Not literally. I try not to roll or rub at all as to not spread it around l, just my thinking. I do this a bunch. Now I FINALLY got that horrible stinging that everyone was complaining about lol. It stung lol. Needless to say, I blasted my lip again with q tip covered in teatree oil and just hung out for about an hr or two. I wanted to wait longer but having something perpendicular aattached to your lip is a bit annoying. Sooo I went to the mirror and slowly and strategically pulled the rest off. And when I say strategically I mean start going for other areas around the scab that are weaker. And I took that sucker off. It started bleeding a little bit to which I instantly went into a panic; herpe juice!!! And dabbled the blood with a paper towel. Then alcohol the shit out of that thing. Once it stopped bleeding I put tea tree oil on it for a while and came back and it was all just pink. Minus a little red spot but neosporin'll clear that up by tomorrow I think. I am ecstatic to share this with this community bc I can't express how low and how much comfort I get from this sit and a few other just for piece of mind and to know im not alone in this fight. I plan on keeping up with a lysine regiment. Prob start with 500 mgs a day and see how it goes. There's a lot of information on this. You just have to work what's best for you and unfortunately we can only achieve that through trial and error. I wish all of you good luck!!

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If you get them so often i would suggest talking to your doctor regarding prescription medication. I am prescribed both Zovriax(cream) and Acyclovir (tablets). They both do wonders!


I've sufferd from CS since I was about 5 and I am now 18. I found that keeping it really dry and getting your cold sore to the scab stage is quickest and best way to get rid of it. Alcohol or peroxide works really well. After it gets to the scab stage medicate the CS with ointments that have active ingredients such as zinc. Quickest 4 day treatment for me. Good Luck!!

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