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After having excruciating toothache that became worse at night. I opted for a tooth extraction to get rid of the pain instead of doing a root canal, but my Dentist advised me against doing an extraction since my teeth would shift. I decided to try homeopathic medicine called hypericum perforatum for injured nerve. This provided me with so much relief and didn't need to have the root canal.
I wanted to share this remedy to help anyone out there with a toothache, (a pain that brought me to tears).

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How did you get the medication?


What is hypericum perforatum? I too am supposed to get a route canal - I can't afford it - I want to get this thing out of my mouth by extraction


Where can I get the medicine?


Itz also known as St. JOHNS WORT.


Hi I've been up all night with toothache pain and I went to cvs to pick up St. John's wart and I wanted to know do I just take it in the pill form because it says it can be taken also in a tea form by opening the pill....or do I just put it on my tooth and chew I'm at my wits end, I just want the pain to go away...


you can get it at walmart its 5 dollars hypercium perforatum 6c md boiron 1 tube pellet 5.00 itll be in a little bottle and should say boiron i think bottle is blue also st johns wort is supposed to be the same


How do you use the oil for the toothache? If orally how much? If you just apply it to the tooth how long? Please be specific.

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