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curly hair/ straight hair

For curly hair, just braid your hair. For crimped look, do smaller braids, for bigger curls, do big braids. Do this with wet hair before bedtime, and when you pull the braids out in the morning, your hair will be curled. Just spray lightly with hairspray after running finger combing it, and youre good to go.

To have straight hair, just get a paper bag, and an iron. Be sure to put the paper bag over the hair, and use the ironing board. you can straighten the hair by bending over the board, laying hair down, pulling it taut with one hand, placing the paper (or tea towels, even) on top of the hair, and then ironing it out. It might help to blow dry the hair first, as blowdrying tends to relax curls a little. (its all about heat)

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Its not all about the heat because heat is what damaged your hair. If your going to use heat then just use a straightener and use a good heat protectant.

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