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when i get a fever blister, i immediately get the Dawn dish washing liquid, squirt a tiny bit in my hand, add enough water to make it bubble and apply may have to do it a couple times, but it is the best drying agent that i have found and it doesn't sting like alcohol

never use a chapstick or balm straight from the tube, it leaves bacteria, squirt it on your finger to apply

usually stress causes mine, but also if i eat too much citrus (oranges and strawberries are the worst), the citrus acid causes an overload to the system

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My Dad had eczema on his hands real bad. When it flared up and the meds that the docs would give him didn't work, he would start washing dishes. It seemed that the dish liquid would clear his eczema up in just a couple of days....Amazing!!!!


If you're getting these blisters after eating fruits full of citric acid- those are canker sores. But cold sores/fever blisters can most definitely break out from stress. I think you might have both. Just wanted to share :)

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