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Jeff B.

After spending $260 on the prescription copay and 2 weeks later the Tinea was still spreading.
I began washing the affected area with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo then rinsing and blot drying. Apply a liberal amount of cold pressed Extra Virgin Coconut oil to the area. Wash and treat area not less than twice a day.
It has been 4 days now and what the Doctor as a fairly large area is nearly cleared up.

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I have been battling a mild case of ringworms. This bacteria is simply hard as heck to rid. I finally tried coconut oil as well, after trying multiple creams, lotions, clear nail polish, to just name a few.

I purchased virgin coconut oil (about $10) Mixed a very small amount with a few drops of GSE and applied to my skin.
The small bumps and red pinkish patches appeared inflamed and even itched a little. I also ingested a few drops of GSE and about 1 ML of oregano oil. I even out about 1-2 tsp of coconut oil in some hot tea (as I google'd the many uses for this amazing stuff. Within a few hours I looked down and my arms were practically clear. I applied again that night and twice so far this morning.

I am super pleased and confident this is the cure!! GOOD LUCK!

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