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I had a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot for about two years. Tried duct tape, vinegar, salycilic acid, and cypress oil. Nothing worked and my wart actually got worse and was incredibly painful. Finally stopped everything and started taking a multi vitamin, fish oil, extra vitamin d, and Tagamet daily. I also took emergen-c every few days for an extra dose of vitamin c and I stopped messing with it. I let it air out (no more band aids even) and only occasionally used a file to even it out a bit so I didn't have a huge lump. My wart quickly started feeling better and tonight I'm happy to say I was able to pull off the black scab with no pain! I'm not sure what helped most but I'm definitely going to keep up the vitamin regiment as it can't hurt! I'm so relieved and super excited to be able to walk normally again and maybe even splurge on a pedicure after 2 long years.

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