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Heres what I have done, and seen results. I used Renu multi Purpose contact lens cleaning solution (totally safe to squirt into your eyes, obviously if you can put it on your lenses, you can put it in your eyes..but dont let the tip touch the lid, and hold the bottle at least far enough away that you dont contaminate it)and just bascally did eyewashes throughout the day. I also ate bread, 2 slices, with loads of honey on it (honey has antibiotic properties) I even tried to put a small amount of honey on the stye, but the stye is on the inside of the lid, so this burned too much for me, although its reasonably safe to do this, if youre sterile and cautious.
Also I used saltwater and hot compresses. I can say the hot compresses and the honey bread seems to be the best route of home treatment for a stye, just make sure to keep the water VERY HOT, but not hot enough to burn you. And dont rub the stye or pop it, cause this will cause infection. A stye is basically a pimple in the eye, so you dont want it to get worse by infecting it.

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WOW! did this really help u by eating honey?? thats a LITTLE ok a LOT strange but hey if putting honey in you EYE does the trick for you i aint one to JUDGE!


Take a brick and pound your infecetd eyelid until you feel the stye go away. (Do not get brick in your eye.)


Thank you it helps!!!!!


Think Gillian meant 'a pimple on your eyelid' - not 'in your eye'.

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