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Thank you so much for everyone's submissions! It's helped me become BV free for nearly 3 weeks now after years of dealing with it since antibiotics didn't work. I got result almost immediately after these steps:

1) Soaked a tampon in tea tree oil and inserted it for about 4 hours - this is to kill the bacteria. I also ate a lot of yogurt that day to try and keep some of the good bacteria.

2)Started taking:
Folic Acid 1mg
Vitamin D 1000IU
Cranberry extract 100mg X2
Odourless Garlic 500mg X4

I take these every morning and night with the exception of the multivitamin just once in the morning.
After I finish the cranberry extract bottle I'm going to try and not take it again. Feeling so confident and happy again :)

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Where did you buy the tea tree oil that is safe to use internally. And you take all those pills twice a day? 8 pills of garlic? Please help!


I just used regular tea tree oil. I am aware that it's not recommended to be used internally but I thought it was a much better sounding alternative to hydrogen peroxide.
And yes 8 garlic pills daily in the beginning. At first I started taking a lot just to get rid of the BV. The number of pills you take just depends on what what strengths the pills come in. In total that is 4000mg. Now I am reducing the quantity to see how it adjusts to my body and finding the right levels. If my body allows to take less without BV returning I will do that.

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