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I have sat here and read all of these home remedies. I have had an abcess that comes back in almost the same spot for half my life. I have had it lanced several times, have had surgery and basically just a nightmare. Very painful. I had one appear dam near over night, huge and golf ball sized. I was ready for a trip to the hospital. I have been laid up for 2 days, no sitting, walking is just stupid. I decided to try the epsom paste only an hour ago. This is in the bottom area, so I went to the rest room, not expecting anything since it had only been an hour. I came out of there one happy person. It had formed a head and when i pulled the gauze off, it basically drained its self. Still not gone all the way, I dont want to squeeze and make it hurt but it is a fourth of the size it was. I put a new gauze with more paste. I was extremely amazed!! Like a total loss for words!! This will be my go to paste every time!! So happy I want to cry, when you can walk and sit again you think of little things!!

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Hi, I was wondering what was in your Epsom paste? Epsom salts & hydrogen peroxide? I am suffering a peri rectal abscess returning after having it lanced twice, & seton surgery, as well! So horrible!

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