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I am a school teacher, so my work environment is much like a petri dish of germs! Living surrounded by mountains, the change in elevation when driving creates a problem for me when I have a bad cold and my ears are clogged. I asked my school nurse if she could suggest something. She said that when she was a nurse in an urgent care clinic, they would mix up a solution of baby shampoo, hydrogen peroxide and distilled water and spray it gently into the clogged ear. Repeating until the clogging was popped. I guess the shampoo helps to break up the clog. I now carry my little spray bottle with me when I have a cold and it really works for me. My students laugh when they see me spraying into my ear, but the relief is well worth their giggles.

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what is your ratio for shampoo:water:peroxide?


Hi, I assume it will be funny when your students laugh at you but it's all worthwhile as it's helping your ear. The problem with my ear is that I puflive oil into if and it's been like a week since I did that and now every night, after I wake up my ear feels like it's just closed. So if anyone has any ideas to help me without using things in my ear,I would really appriciate it. Thanks


what are the ratios for the mixture? Please and thank you

What the heck

Awesome that it helps, but you didn't tell us how to mix it.


Omg, thanks this worked perfectly. I can now hear out of my ears, I use to use peroxide to just clean it but this worked immediately! I will always result to this when in need.


What is the ratio?


How much of each? I would like to give this a try.


You never told us how to mix all the ingredients?? So I guess it's helpful but not I will try equal amounts hope this works and if it does I will repost for others like me who suffers thank you for the input


How long did it take you to make your ear pop?


It hasn't worked for me.

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