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I've fought this monster for years I am a 24 year old woman and have never had a healthy relationship or sex life because of this. And here's my short and to the point story.

I started with the standard Gyno visits and was given flagyl and then would go into endless cycles of bv, yeast and utis. Sometimes the pain was absolutely unbeatable. My bf and friends and I even think the Gyno started to think I was nuts. I was steeped in deep depression once my bf broke up with me and I had a series of bad relationships. And really I couldn't have good sex if I wanted to.

Fast forward I started making lifestyle changes, going to the gym, boosting my immunity, eating and using all natural products. Started feeling like me again, a better me but the infection was still there. I tried many things and FINALLY one day my bv godsend came!

Goldenseal root. My local health food store savior mentioned I try this herb. She was far more understanding than my Gyno and really wanted to help me. She recommended this and a probiotic. Goldenseal is a strong natural antibiotic. I took 2 caps the moment I bought it. I kid you not within hours my infection GONE! I recently started seeing this amazing man and had held off sex because of my problem. Well lets say that night was quite amazing. I felt strong and happy and sexy again!

This bv fight has made me change for the better these are the things I take and do to live my happy and healthy bv life.

2 Goldenseals a day for a week then take a week off

2 Primodiphilus Reuteri caps before bed every night

A Folic acid, vitamin c and vitamin d in the am

2 cranberry pills when I don't get to the bathroom or have sex

I eat almost entirely all natural and go to the gym 3 times a week.

Eat lots of garlic! Ps is does wonders for yeast never again will I use Monistat!

I hope this helps everyone on their journey to cure bv. Be happy and healthy :]

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Can you tell me the dosage in the pills you got ?

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