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Forgot to add to my first post! I also drink lemon water, a lot of it. I insert a fem dophilus vaginally after sex and after my period to help keep things happy, just like to be proactive. I may insert it every other day, twice a day for 2 days etc, just depend on how I’m feeling!

(Long post, Sorry! Please read though) Hi Ladies, I started having problems with infections starting in October 2013. I went to the doctor then and found I had a yeast infection. I was given a prescription and thought all was fine. In November, I was taking a shower one day and noticed an sour smell coming from me. I am very clean and this disturbed me. I went back to the doctor and found out I had yeast again plus BV. Once again I was given antibiotics, etc to treat both. Lo and behold I was right back at the doctor in December for yeast and BV again!! Ladies I feel your pain! I was recently divorced and thinking what man is going to want me with these issues. Even though my doctors were telling me I could have sex, I didn't wanna have sex until I knew the issue was gone. In January, I was on my 4th doctor, yes 4th! She prescribed metro gel for 6 mths twice a week! To me this was an issue, we were treating the infection, but not getting to the root of it. In December, I had started taking Ultimate Flora probiotic (15 Billion. Although, it didn't seem to be helping, I continued to take it. I cut out sugars, breads, ate more healthy, etc, but still had the infection. When the doctor prescribed metro gel, which I hated because I felt like I couldn't have sex with a vagina full of medicine, I decided to do some research online to see what else I could do! I tried bathing in ACV, sea salt, and tree oil, none of these worked. I douched, which is very bad, but hey I was desperate at this point, with hydrogen peroxide and distilled water, that didn't help either! Mind you I only had the discharge and burning every month. I only had the odor that one month, probably because everytime I noticed the discharge, I ran back to the dr. In February, after breaking down in the shower, I made a last ditch effort and went to a 5th doctor. He tested me, but everything looked clear. I think that was because I had used metro gel the night before. He scheduled me for another appt for March of this year and said when I came back, he would do DNA testing on the bacteria. This gave me hope, because this was something different that the other drs. hadn't tried. Yet again, after I left him, the discharge was back within a few days. I went to the store and bought ALOT of vitamins. At this point, I didn't care if i overdosed on vitamins! lol I wanted and needed to get rid of this BV for my sanity. At this point the yeast was long gone, only the BV remained. I was already taking a prenatal vitamin, 15 billion ultimate flora probiotic and a fish oil. I added Vitamin c and D and odorless garlic but that didn't really help, but I continued taking it. Only when I added straight acidophilus, Fem Dophilus, and folic acid to my vitamin regimen did things get better! Now I will say, I had to experiment with how many of these vitamins I took to get the right dosage for me before things cleared up. I'm telling you after I added the additional supplements, I was cleared up in 3 days. I had another break down, this time thanking God and just being plain freaking happy!!!!! :-) Ladies, I'm here to tell you, don't give up! You can beat this! When I went back to the doctor in March, I got great news! I was all clear, no clue cells, no issues! First good report I had received since October!! I am not a doctor, but this is what worked for me. Here is how I started my vitamin regimen, morning, I took 2 acidophilus, 1 womens ultimate flora 15 billion probiotic, 1-2 fem dophilus, 2 vitamin D. Lunch I took 2 - 400mg folic acid, 1 prenatal, and 2 odorless garlic. Dinner, I took 1 fish oil, 1 vitamin c, and 1-2 fem dophilus. I was taking alot! I have been clear for over a month and have not had to use any meds at all! In the past two weeks, I have lowered the dosages of these. I am now taking for maintenance, morning, one 50 billion ultimate flora vaginal support, 1 acidophilus, 1 femdophilus, 1 vitamin d. Lunch 1 prenatal, 1 garlic, 2 folic acid. Dinner 1 fish oil, 1 vitamin C and one femdophilus. I still check myself regularly and because I'm paranoid lol, if anything looks funny or if I get any funny tingling down there, I open up a fem dophilus capsule and use a tampon or the metro gel applicator that i rewash, and insert the fem dophilus powder directly to my vagina. I instantly feel better!! I'm not sure if it a combo of the vitamins that helped, but sometimes I feel like its just the femdophilus by itself, but I don't know! Either way, I am cured!

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you sound very paranoid.
prenatal vitamins? really? way too many pills, seems excessive.

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