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I was just diagnosed yesterday and am going through my first OB - it's a doozey as I have over 20 sores and counting! Thanks to all those who've posted here. Gave me some good advice and made me feel a lot better mentally. My husband gets cold sores in his mouth and transmitted HSV-1 to me during oral sex. So far I've found that tea tree oil helps to take the sting away, as well as salt baths twice a day. I'm also taking Valtrex from my doctor.

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that is exactly what happened to me! that's crazy.. my husband has cold sores HSV1 and he gave me HSV1 during oral sex around my back end... i feel relived to read you got it the same way


I was diagnosed with Herpes Virus type 1 today, although the doctor told me I had type 2 when I first got them checked I was in utter shock as I have been with my partner a long time and never have been unfaithful. But I discovered that many moons ago an ex partner of mind suffered cold sores and there for passed on the virus to my genitals years ago and now I'm dealing with my break out. Luckily my current partner did not contract it. Although I am suffering a very sever outbreak, does tea tree oil actually help, I don't want to make them worse, but I want something to help them clear them up quickly. I'm going crazy with the pain, it hurts to pass urine and it's just uncomfortable in general. Bloody herpes

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