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I am a massage therapist and trust and use essential oils for several healthcare issues. I suffered from Bv I my 20s when I had more than one sexual partner. I haven't had it since and that I am forty years old .. It came back . I was dreading calling my obgyn and getting on an antibiotic. I started reading my aromatherapy books and I started experimenting! A really good probiotic is a must , not only for BV but for a number of other benefits including a good digestive system. Anyway , I filled a douche bottle with warm water and put 10 drops of essential oil of lemon and 10 of lavender . Like garlic these two oils are antibacterial and antiviral. I used it in the shower and the cure was immediate! I also loved that I smelled amazing ( like lemons and fresh lavender ;) ! I was actually really surprised it worked so well and so fast . I was thrilled.!!! I also think takinging vit D3 and C .and that probiotic . I encourage sea salt baths and using organic coconut oil instead of harsh lotions and also for personal lubricant . He or she will love the way you smell......... Here's to a happy V !

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What type of essential oil do you use (brand) and where do you get it? Thanks!

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