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My children had head lice for 15 years. Nix and Rid and lindane and mayo do not work. Head lice have become immune to everything. They laugh at us when we stick these crazy products on our heads. They have learned to survive through everything, just like the cockroach. There is only one thing that they have not figured out yet. Take a metal lice comb and comb through your child's hair every day for two weeks. This breaks the life cyle which is 7 to ten days. After two weeks, comb for five min. every morning before school. Check your child's hair every week while they are in school. My children have not had head lice for 8 months now. It is in the school all of the time. One day I found a head lice on two of my children. I combed their hair for a week and they never got one nit. I swear by this remedy because I am not lying. I fought head live for 15 years. I poored all kind of concoctions on my children's hair. They never worked.

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Finally someone with common sense. All these weird stuff I have tried not the bleach or dangerous stuff. It's about being diligent and dedicated to comb your child's hair. One of those nit metal combs age good. This may sound weird, Milk bone makes a nice metal comb to comb out fleas. Hey just a though. They sell them for $4 buck a t a local Big lots. Good luck on the war against Lice.


Because I've dealt with lice all alone for 2 years, I made a good decision for me: I shaved my head. I kept it shaved for 2 months and wore a wig until may hair grew out. I still had plenty of itching, but shaving was the only way for me to be sure there were no nits left (and of course I check my wig). Frankly, it was a relief from all the combing and treatments (while also working 2 jobs).

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