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I've got a tooth decay in a molar, and have to wait a month for a filling appointment... Pain is bad, hard to cope with and very upsetting, hard ro eat and sleep, pretty much curled up in pain all day...
Painkillers and mouth gels weren't doing anything except Ibuprofen making me a bit drowsy.
If you're reading this then I bet you are in loads of pain too and I emphasize, I am really sorry you have to put up with this crap.
What I tried was making a mouthwash I heard about-
Hot (not boiling) water, about a tablespoon and a half of salt and a couple drops of clove oil then just swish it round the offending tooth (Warning, it will taste like the shittiest shit ever. But desperate times)
My pain dissapeared pretty much, all I was left with was the TINIEST little bit of discomfort, but thats going from pain level 8-9 to like 0.01 and lasted a couple hours, good for a quick fix and before bed so you can sleep
Hope this works for you!

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its effective i cant slept whole night bcz of pain than i decide to take help from this website and do this trick it works and i relief the pain thanks alot


That's awesome... just had the most horrible tooth pain ever, was giving me a migraine... that salt water trick the first swish no pain :) now that was fast acting ... was not expecting that... sorry just letting everyone know that water and salt and swish really really works.


I tried that clove oil stuff bt that taste ridiculous and when i talked to dentist he suggested me to do filling but i heard it's use less cause it will wash out later and when ever i m drinking cold water i m suffering what should i suppose to do to get rid off it permanently except that filling plz tell me


It helped some still have some pain so im gonna brave it again

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