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Valtrex!! I have finally found the best possible remedy. Take 2000mg at the first tingle of a coldsore and 2000mg 12 hours later. It will barely even appear. If it does it will be short lived. I used to jump into these forums every time I got one.. And tried every home remedy I could think of til I came across this.. You need a prescription from your Doctor but you can just say you get the other kind of sores (you know, down there) and say you need the 30 tablet box.. It's cheaper and will last you a few outbreaks so you don't have to keep going back.

You're welcome ;)

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I have been getting cold sores since I was in about 2nd grade. 3-4 years ago I had the worst outbreak EVER. I had to go to the hospital, couldn't eat, and could barely open my mouth to talk! It was like a true 1st time herpes outbreak with sores all over my top and bottom lips oozing. I tried everything and when i say VALTREX saved my life I mean it. After getting the 2nd worse outbreak a family member of mine gave me a valtrex when I started to feel a cold sore. Needless to say after having 2 outbreaks that sent me into the hospital i was in a panic and didn't care what I was taking. The cold sore never even got past the tingle stage!!!! It didn't even form! And I only took 1!!!! All ppl with this disease should have that pill on hand!

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