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This is the first time I've ever spoke/written about this, I was dx with hsv2 when I was 19, I'm now 30, not 100% sure how I got it, but really, does it matter? The first OB was so awful & painful, I couldn't pee for 2 weeks without taking a cup of warm water & poring it over me while I peed. The OB DO GET BETTER! In the past 10 years I typically have OB maybe 1-6 a year, I'm positive they're triggered by stress. I always know it's coming by a weird tingling sensation always on my right side/down my right leg. I always get it at the same spot, on my skin, kinda close to the line of where your underwear touches your thigh.
It's actually not painful at all, but super annoying!
I've come to consider it like getting your period, it's there for about a week, it's annoying, and you can't have sex. Mine start off as a red mark, turn into a small cluster of blisters (like 3-4) then scan & go away.
What I've found works to help it go away faster, is LOTS of lysene, (cheap vitamin at grocery store), & everytime I use the bathroom I'll hold a cotton swab to the area soaked with either hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, or alcohol. I heard Epsom baths are great too.
I'm having an OB right now & I took the advice from this site of using a liquid bandaid (found at dollar general for 3$) I applied it over the blisters, used the bathroom 2 hours later & they already started to break down! Usually before this, I'd just typically wait for them to go away but this new treatment is working out great!

I just wanted to say that when I read these comments of young teenage girls getting hsv and feeling scared, disgusting, shameful, etc. my heart breaks for you, I was once you & it feels awful. But please know as I'm telling you from experience, this is not the end of your life!!! It's really just an occasional annoyance that you'll learn to deal with over time. I met my husband 9 years ago & told him (also told ppl before him) & never was I 'rejected' for it. I've also never passed it to my husband or anyone & I've had 2 healthy children in the meantime (by c-section). Also wanted to note - I'm a nurse...this is VERY common, it's just no one likes to talk about it unless they have to.
So if you're new to this and struggling, please know it does get better, I even forget half the time I have it cause it really doesn't effect my life in ANY way. If you feel sad/scared, please comment and I'll give you my contact info if you need any type of support or a friend to talk to!

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Have anyone tired the treatment from Melanie addington which proclaim that you can cure herpes with herb and other steps. My friend is using the 60 day plan and have improved, have anyone tried this ?


I've just been diagnosed and I'm absolutely devastated! Not to mention being in the most pain I've ever been in, in my life! I honestly don't think I could face this if it did recur! I feel like my life is over! I've got acciclovir and have been using calamine lotion and taking ibuprofen. They are how starting to bleed and when I pee it's excruciating. I've been off work now and feel no closer to getting back yet. I feel achy all over and fevery! How do you women get through it? I'm only 25 and was hoping to meet ' the one' soon! I feel like that is now gone and couldn't face telling a new partner not to mention giving it to them. I've also read that women who have this condition cannot have natural births. I'm devastated. I know no one who has the condition, except from the idiot that I slept with, and ive never felt so alone! Reading some of your stories on here has helped but I'm looking for a companion, someone I can truly talk to about it all!

To the nurse who originally posted.... I am also a nurse and had my first OB 4 years ago. This, too, is the first time I'm actually speaking about it. It was the worst thing I had experienced in my life. And just like so many others I felt dirty and like I was never going to be able to be intimate again. I was irresponsible and contracted it from a one night stand. Being a nurse especially, I should of known better. I knew immediately what it was and cried for days. I have had maybe 1-2 OB a year since then, some worse than others. But I've also been getting ready to have major surgery on my C-spine, so yea no stress there! Ha. But I've been looking for ways to make the OB a little easier and this site, and your post, has helped me so much. I haven't been intimate with anyone for a very long time (the one guy I was intimate with didn't reject me when I told him), but I do have hopes of meeting someone one day. Thank you for stepping out and helping these women, especially the young women newly diagnosed, you are what nursing is all about. Someone who truly cares, and that is so rare anymore. Kind of funny, I actually came to this site looking for a home remedy for fleas for my sweet 5 month old pit bull/golden retriever mix. Ha. So thank you for the blessing this morning! :)


Hey everyone! I wrote this original post... I really want to get back to each & everyone of you! I promise to check back on this site more... Could you just leave me your email address? & once you do, maybe I can make up some fake yahoo group & we can all join & ask each other questions or offer support? Thanks so much for all the responses! It's great to know no one fights this alone!
Another thing to keep telling yourselves.... When I got diagnosed (in 02 I believe) the statistics were 1/4 ppl had it's 2/3!! So just think, some of the people you're afraid to tell, probably have it too, if not, they probably have a close friend that does & they understand!
Also...I wrote that past back in march I believe during an outbreak feeling crappy... It's now almost June & i haven't even thought of it since!
So for beginners, just remember, this does get better!!
Also again....I did list a fake email, & I forget the password lol, so just leave your email back & I promise to get back to u!


I was 19 (now 27) when I was diagnosed. The fist and only person I had ever been with gave it to me. I was shocked because he never showed any signs. I have only had 3 outbreaks since now experiencing my 4th. It has been more difficult to deal with this time maybe because I am a single mom of 2 and it's really the last thing I wanted to deal with. I will have to keep in mind some of these remedies for the furture. Thanks for sharing.


Plz email me @


I'd like to talk to the nurse that originally posted.


Going through this now & i want to die!! so many questions please email me


I found out two days ago I had GH. It feels surreal typing that out. I feel as this OB will never end and I will never live a normal like again. I'm only 19 and my whole life has been changed forever. I have the most caring boyfriend who promised nothing would change so that helps tremendously. He is going to get checked out soon to see if he has it too. I feel as if we will never go back to how we used to be and my life in general won't either. I just wanted you to know that you post made me feel better, and tear up! I'm still constantly crying from the pain and just the thought of it. But it's encouraging to see people live with it for so long and still live a semi normal life. I know nothing is for certain and it is possible no man will ever find me attractive if I am single again. How can you put so much faith into something so uncertain?


I'm not 100% sure that I have GH, but I'm almost positive. I was at the doctor a few days ago. She did a urine test and a swab and gave me the whole herpes lecture 'just in case'..... Which I just automatically assumed meant that she suspects that it's herpes. I will have the results in a few days and then she said shed prescribe the acyclovir. So I'm just trying to come to terms with it but I feel so hopeless right now :(
I'm 19 years old and have been in a relationship with this man for about a year now. He has never had symptoms so is really confused, but he plans on getting tested. Either way, I guess we'll never know who gave it to who, but it doesn't really matter. I just feel depressed and disgusting.....
The pain from the sores/lesions is so bad that I feel like I'd rather die. We had anal sex as well so it's inside my butthole too... I feel like I've taken going to the bathroom for granted my whole life and now every time I have to pee or poop (especially) I dread it!!! This is the most painful thing I've ever experienced and I'm so scared since this is the first time. Sorry for being graphic and negative but I just need some advice. I just want this to be over... I want it to go away. Now :'(

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