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This is the first time I've ever spoke/written about this, I was dx with hsv2 when I was 19, I'm now 30, not 100% sure how I got it, but really, does it matter? The first OB was so awful & painful, I couldn't pee for 2 weeks without taking a cup of warm water & poring it over me while I peed. The OB DO GET BETTER! In the past 10 years I typically have OB maybe 1-6 a year, I'm positive they're triggered by stress. I always know it's coming by a weird tingling sensation always on my right side/down my right leg. I always get it at the same spot, on my skin, kinda close to the line of where your underwear touches your thigh.
It's actually not painful at all, but super annoying!
I've come to consider it like getting your period, it's there for about a week, it's annoying, and you can't have sex. Mine start off as a red mark, turn into a small cluster of blisters (like 3-4) then scan & go away.
What I've found works to help it go away faster, is LOTS of lysene, (cheap vitamin at grocery store), & everytime I use the bathroom I'll hold a cotton swab to the area soaked with either hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, or alcohol. I heard Epsom baths are great too.
I'm having an OB right now & I took the advice from this site of using a liquid bandaid (found at dollar general for 3$) I applied it over the blisters, used the bathroom 2 hours later & they already started to break down! Usually before this, I'd just typically wait for them to go away but this new treatment is working out great!

I just wanted to say that when I read these comments of young teenage girls getting hsv and feeling scared, disgusting, shameful, etc. my heart breaks for you, I was once you & it feels awful. But please know as I'm telling you from experience, this is not the end of your life!!! It's really just an occasional annoyance that you'll learn to deal with over time. I met my husband 9 years ago & told him (also told ppl before him) & never was I 'rejected' for it. I've also never passed it to my husband or anyone & I've had 2 healthy children in the meantime (by c-section). Also wanted to note - I'm a nurse...this is VERY common, it's just no one likes to talk about it unless they have to.
So if you're new to this and struggling, please know it does get better, I even forget half the time I have it cause it really doesn't effect my life in ANY way. If you feel sad/scared, please comment and I'll give you my contact info if you need any type of support or a friend to talk to!

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I found out I had herpes last week. Turns out, my boyfriend of 1.5 had been sleeping with someone else. My doctor says since it's my first outbreak, there's really nobody else who it could've come from. When I confronted him about the issue, he acted like it was nothing and hasn't spoken to me since.

This is one of the most painful things I've ever experienced. Both physically and emotionally. It's comforting to read others words though. I'm going to try the oatmeal packets tomorrow.


Hello, just thought I'd post a comment because a few people on here seem very distressed.. I always wondered if the stress from having herpes brought outbreaks on :/Anyways I contracted hsv1 in genital area from fiance of 3.5yrs who had been unfaithful. I never had an outbreak as such it was just so so painful to have sex so i got a papsmear. At first he tried to blame it on me and that didn't help me at the time feeling v emotional as it was. I stayed with him for a while as I too thought well I already have it and who else would love me being diseased and so disgusted in myself. I have since left him for other reasons, and have always been upfront about it before sleeping with someone new. They have been v understanding about it, you just need to explain it well. Have had it for 2.5 yrs now, got it when i was 22 & not had an outbreak since although I did get a couple cold sores last year for the first time & just took lysine which helped.I found it hard at first to deal with and have just told a few close friends about it. I always worried about having children but this post has put me at ease.


But how does one broach the subject. Its obviously an important topic to discuss... what kind of vocabulary should one use. Do you say herpes? do you say HSV2?... should you talk about how you got it? How do you make it sound like less of a big deal, even though it's kind of a big deal?

Not able to embrace this

I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago with GH. It has really been a struggle ever since. I made a terrible mistake of having unprotected sex with a man I thought I knew and could trust. I had just gotten out of a 6 year relationship with someone I had been completely faithful to the entirety of our relationship. He had cheated on me multiple times. We ended our relationship a while ago and the first man I decided to sleep with after being so loyal to someone so undeserving for so long..and then I contract this life long disease. After having unprotected sex my vaginia felt very sore and tender. It was difficult to pee, walk, sit. I thought it was because i havent had sex in so long and it caused some kind of friction. I then received a phone call for this man's baby mama and she revealed there are other women and that she and him both have genital herpes. I feel so low about myself for making such a stupid and now life altering decision. I am 29 about to be 30...I should have know better. I am struggling with the idea that no man will want to be with me. I have not been able to come to terms with this. Although my outbreak has cleared I am suffering from stress pain in my chest where it feels like I'm having a heart attack. The sore are all gone however my vagina is extremely itchy. It's a constant feeling to scratch. Does this mean the wounds are healing? Or is it a result of taking antibiotics? Or worse yet could another outbreak start? I use witch hazel to clean the area. But I'm not sure what to do with the itchy feeling. It's constant and unbearable. I'm afraid I'm going to irritate my skin or cause trauma from scratching. What can I do to relieve this? Do you think it'should a sign the skin is heali br or getting worse? I appreciate the help and support any one can give.


Hello will would like to talk chat with yoy


I'm so Happy I found dis page now I know I ain't alone as I've been feeling awful since I discovered. would like a companion 2 talk 2. contact me on


Hey ladies I'm S. In Memphis,Tn. To the Nurse that posted original comment,....Yes Please Please can we exchange email? I wish herpes would 'Come out of the closet' with a vast media blitz,....maybe 1 day herpes can get 'mainstream' like HIV. Are you aware of any medical research being conducted to actually find a cure???

I feel like my stuff is even more dirty etc...7 years ago I finally broke down & went to dermatologist. For a long time every so often I'd get a big itchy red lump on the upper right side tip of my crease, I thought it was from thongs,sweating etc. I never knew one could get an add crack herpe! My doc scraped it, broke the news & told me he had no explanation on why herpes chose that spot. I was SO MORTIFIED that my gruff retired NAVY Doc.dermatologist was probably thinking I was rough & rowdy back door bad girl!---I wasn' that itchy bump came usually around my menstrual cycle. One day I realized that it was moist, tiny pus like blisters,eventually it crusted over.

Fast Forward to present, I've had 3 REAL HERPE VAGINAL OUTBREAKS in the last 5-6mos. I've NOT HAD ANY SEX in about 2 yrs.---my divorce did a number on me!
Hell y'all I haven't even had sex with myself! The OB that just appeared in showing how it's getting worse---NOT easier.

1st time I have a textbook looking version of vaginal herpes. Clusters of blisters beginning at top center of lips--ouch! & the blisters are visible-bright red; However, I have the huge huge red bump that looks like 'V' defect. I'm freaking out.

Also I have had constant sciatica pain starting @my period end of March. I know that stress triggers this horrible sciatic nerve pain....but I'm sure it's associated with the virus as for the past several cycles with these OB's This pain has accompanied the whole painful week.

Why NOW do y'all think I'm experiencing rip roaring Hell fire herpes? AND I've also had a yeast infection each time as well! I couldn't tell you the last time overhead to get meds for the yeast!
My blood work shows I'm clear, no menopause or any early stuff etc,,,

Ladies,Thank you for allowing to VENT & say really really personal symptom describing in gross vulgar detail the 'dark side' of my V


This is Memphis again......Nurse, How are we to exchange emails or other contact info.


Miss Nurse!
My email is my name,.... did you say you could help me to make a free email---'The Herpe Hotline?'


S. I have been looking around for research myself. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction... just at a snails pace. I have found some articles on the site below that give me a little hope, though this virus is kind of a cowardly ass hole and likes to hide. For some reason it won't let me post a direct link the article i found to be most informative... but type in

'Immune cells that suppress genital herpes infections identified' into the search box when you go to

I hope it gives you a little hope too

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