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This is the first time I've ever spoke/written about this, I was dx with hsv2 when I was 19, I'm now 30, not 100% sure how I got it, but really, does it matter? The first OB was so awful & painful, I couldn't pee for 2 weeks without taking a cup of warm water & poring it over me while I peed. The OB DO GET BETTER! In the past 10 years I typically have OB maybe 1-6 a year, I'm positive they're triggered by stress. I always know it's coming by a weird tingling sensation always on my right side/down my right leg. I always get it at the same spot, on my skin, kinda close to the line of where your underwear touches your thigh.
It's actually not painful at all, but super annoying!
I've come to consider it like getting your period, it's there for about a week, it's annoying, and you can't have sex. Mine start off as a red mark, turn into a small cluster of blisters (like 3-4) then scan & go away.
What I've found works to help it go away faster, is LOTS of lysene, (cheap vitamin at grocery store), & everytime I use the bathroom I'll hold a cotton swab to the area soaked with either hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, or alcohol. I heard Epsom baths are great too.
I'm having an OB right now & I took the advice from this site of using a liquid bandaid (found at dollar general for 3$) I applied it over the blisters, used the bathroom 2 hours later & they already started to break down! Usually before this, I'd just typically wait for them to go away but this new treatment is working out great!

I just wanted to say that when I read these comments of young teenage girls getting hsv and feeling scared, disgusting, shameful, etc. my heart breaks for you, I was once you & it feels awful. But please know as I'm telling you from experience, this is not the end of your life!!! It's really just an occasional annoyance that you'll learn to deal with over time. I met my husband 9 years ago & told him (also told ppl before him) & never was I 'rejected' for it. I've also never passed it to my husband or anyone & I've had 2 healthy children in the meantime (by c-section). Also wanted to note - I'm a nurse...this is VERY common, it's just no one likes to talk about it unless they have to.
So if you're new to this and struggling, please know it does get better, I even forget half the time I have it cause it really doesn't effect my life in ANY way. If you feel sad/scared, please comment and I'll give you my contact info if you need any type of support or a friend to talk to!

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Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to tell someone you have GH? I've been dating someone for some time now and have yet to sleep with him. At this point, I think its unfair for him, after this long and not sleeping with him, for me to continue on with this secret. I'm just terrified!!! I was diagnosed almost 8 years ago (haven't had sex since... so difficult!) and have yet to find someone I thought was worth telling.... Until now. Any suggestion(s) would be greatly appreciated. How do you start a conversation like this? How do you transition into... oh BTW I have GH??


To the nurse of the original comment please email me at


Perhaps the original poster of this comment can make a dummy e-mail address and post it for us?


I just read your post I could use someone to talk to about this very much. I was just diagnosed today with both 1&2 I'm totally devastated I don't know what to do I'm sad depressed feel dirty ashamed embarresed and like my life is over. My doctor have me pills to take 5 times a day for 7 days. I have been on them for 2 days cause she started treating me for it before the test results came back it has seem to help any yet my blisters are right under my lip big itchy burning throbbing very painful and looks to have yellow fluid in it. Is there a home remidy to help dry it up and heal faster? Please get back to me I'm feel very alone and no where to turn. Thank you!!


To the nurse that wrote the orignal post please contact me I need advise and someone to talk to I have no one to turn to I was just diagnosed today I wrote a comment just a minute ago but forgot to give you my contact information that is a lower case L after the r in grl. Please get back to I'm totally debased and in dyer need of advise! Thank you so much!!


I just got diagnosed 3 days ago... Now that I think about it, I think that I may have had it for some time now. I would love to meet you and have you as part of my support system. This has been a tough pill to swallow. All I can think about is how it will affect my next relationship. Will my next partner be understanding of this condition or turn away? I have been having anxiety attacks about this and just want to find some peace with it.


I first found out that I had GH when I was only like 18. Dunno how I got it, or who from. I'm 36 now, had it close to 20 years now. I find that when I'm over-stressed is when I have more outbreaks. I stopped taking Valtrex, as for me, it seemed to increase the number of OBs that I'd have. L-yseine works great. I'm hearing all over the net now that there's some miracle cure. For the nurse who wrote the post, could you please email me some suggestions too ( I had one child, and a c-section. My husband, now ex, never got the virus (lucky him). I've been single now for a year - but it is still one of the hardest things for me to tell someone, when it comes to that time for me to date (seriously). I'm celibate, so having sex isn't a problem w/me - but it's hard telling someone else that. I've learned in the 20 years of having it, the ones who are usually right off the bat okay with you having it, just usually want a piece (run far away from those types); the ones who immediately run the other way (they're watchin out for themselves); and the one's who'll be patient w/you, who are understanding and caring - that's the one to hold on to. lol.

I would be interested in more natural treatments though - and thanks!


To the one's who are afraid, or have problems telling their bf or spouse. It's best to be upfront and honest in the beginning. I don't suggest telling someone on a very first date. However, if you feel like the relationship is going somewhere, and it's going to last longer than just a couple of dates, being honest with them right up front is the way to go. If their reaction to you is negative, you were much better without them. I've found that is you're calm about it, and do it in person (it's best this way) - DON'T do it in a text/email (that's the chicken way out). It's gonna be hard the first time - but if it's something you're going to tell more than one person (I was first diagnosed in 1997), it will get a little easier each time. But you need to tell people - actually it's an offense if you don't; you have sex w/the person; they either contract it, or find out later - they CAN press charges against you. Knew an acquaintance who didn't think he'd get caught. Honesty and being upfront is the best.


Hi. i am 17 years old and i contracted herpes a few months ago. i am now in a new relationship and i really don't want to infect him. we have met each other's families and had protected sex twice but he does not know what i have. we have even talked about spending our lives together. What are the chances that i infected him.? and how can i prevent it.? please help me

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