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This is the first time I've ever spoke/written about this, I was dx with hsv2 when I was 19, I'm now 30, not 100% sure how I got it, but really, does it matter? The first OB was so awful & painful, I couldn't pee for 2 weeks without taking a cup of warm water & poring it over me while I peed. The OB DO GET BETTER! In the past 10 years I typically have OB maybe 1-6 a year, I'm positive they're triggered by stress. I always know it's coming by a weird tingling sensation always on my right side/down my right leg. I always get it at the same spot, on my skin, kinda close to the line of where your underwear touches your thigh.
It's actually not painful at all, but super annoying!
I've come to consider it like getting your period, it's there for about a week, it's annoying, and you can't have sex. Mine start off as a red mark, turn into a small cluster of blisters (like 3-4) then scan & go away.
What I've found works to help it go away faster, is LOTS of lysene, (cheap vitamin at grocery store), & everytime I use the bathroom I'll hold a cotton swab to the area soaked with either hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, or alcohol. I heard Epsom baths are great too.
I'm having an OB right now & I took the advice from this site of using a liquid bandaid (found at dollar general for 3$) I applied it over the blisters, used the bathroom 2 hours later & they already started to break down! Usually before this, I'd just typically wait for them to go away but this new treatment is working out great!

I just wanted to say that when I read these comments of young teenage girls getting hsv and feeling scared, disgusting, shameful, etc. my heart breaks for you, I was once you & it feels awful. But please know as I'm telling you from experience, this is not the end of your life!!! It's really just an occasional annoyance that you'll learn to deal with over time. I met my husband 9 years ago & told him (also told ppl before him) & never was I 'rejected' for it. I've also never passed it to my husband or anyone & I've had 2 healthy children in the meantime (by c-section). Also wanted to note - I'm a nurse...this is VERY common, it's just no one likes to talk about it unless they have to.
So if you're new to this and struggling, please know it does get better, I even forget half the time I have it cause it really doesn't effect my life in ANY way. If you feel sad/scared, please comment and I'll give you my contact info if you need any type of support or a friend to talk to!

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Pete G

That article re GH is so good--I too have found that Lysine has been the very best thing 4 me,so much so that now pain & pinching is almost nil !
Take Lysine every day for 3 months,then stop & only take it again as soon as you feel OB coming on! Voila!! All the does subsides after awhile dramatically with Lysine!!


To the nurse that made the original post please emaile I need advice


Im 18 and just been diagnosed. Im also severely depressed which doesn't help coping. I told my boyfriend, and even though he has symptoms too he completely has put the blame on to me even though we got the symptoms at the same time. So we are not together now. I really feel like the worst person in the world. I considered taking my own life then deal with the fact I could of gave thisto him. I dont kknow how to deal with this right now :(


to the nurse please email me


Yes hi! I was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago and when I say I went into a major depression and developed general anxiety disorder...I felt so vile and nasty, wondering if God was punishing me for premarital sex and just totally going thru it...after speaking to a few close girlfriends (one in particular who has it) I felt a bit better but it's a battle that seems to be all on your own...this has been refreshing reading your testimony and the responses, it has she's great light and I would love to talk with you more if possible. Thank tou so much for sharing.


To the nurse who posted the initial comment please contact me, I'm really having a hard time dealing with this and feel like I have no one to talk to :(


To 'Needsupport1995' - Don't feel bad. The only thing you should feel bad about is choosing to have unprotected sex. Your (ex)boyfriend is probably just as angry and devastated as you and looking for someone to blame. But blaming someone is not going to make it go away or make you (or him) feel better. You both chose to participate in unprotected sex - so it is no-ones fault. And it doesn't have to ruin your life. You just have to be extra careful when to have sex. I was first diagnosed when I was about 33 and had been married for about 12 years. My husband was the only person I had been with. About 5 years later my marriage ended and about 3 years ago I started seeing this really nice guy. At first, we always had protected sex and when I told him I had GH he was fine. We've even started having unprotected sex and as long as I have no symptoms its fine. A relationship is more than just about sex. If a guy really cares about you he will understand and support you. Many men have GH and don't get any symptoms (like my ex-husband) and have no idea they are passing it on. So don't feel bad. Stay positive. You can live a normal healthy full life.


As I read these comments I cry . I just found out I have gh but have not been fully diagnosed yet (have to wait for lab work) I feel so hurt . Like im confused I keep asking what did I do to deserve this . I always thought this could never happen to me . I just feel like my life is over . Who will ever want to be with me . I really can't stop crying . I'm not In pain but it itches really really bad . What can I do till I can get my medicine ? Always if I have another outbreak down the line will I always have to go to the doctor and get medicine or what ? Thanks for any feedback ❤️


So so nice of you to be there for others going through the initial OB & how to deal with it!
Personally I've had herpes for way longer than you & is say definitely LYSINE--yes!!
Since taking it, my OB are so small,it doesn't even bother me!!


To the original poster--I love reading optimistic posts like yours! I, too, am a nurse and I was just diagnosed with genital herpes on 4/8. I knew what I was looking at before my doctor diagnosed me so I've had a few days to process it. My initial thoughts were how could I let this happen to me...I should've known better since I'm a nurse. I felt disgusting, dirty, and that no one will ever want to be with me again. Since it's a new diagnosis these thoughts still tend to pop into my head periodically, but they're becoming fewer and farther between and I'm learning to be more optimistic about it. I had the same comparison to it being like my period--it's just going to be a nuisance that pops up every once in awhile except now I could potentially give someone that period haha. Anyways, thanks for reaching out and offering support to people who are struggling with their recent diagnosis. You're a great example of someone who doesn't let a diagnosis define them as a person and you've shown how life can and will move forward and be enjoyable!

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