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Tooth decay sucks

Ive got all 4.wisdoms growing crooked and two are decaying but one is more exposed than the other. So far ive managed not to grab the pliers and extract them myself instead I use anti septic mouthwash. Its not a sting feeling but more a coldness due to my exposed nerves. But once you get passed that the pain (which I find mostly comes after eating something that easily gets caught in the crevices like wheat or small grains) you just have to keep up on the hygiene and stay from smoking. Unless its 'medically' inclinded to help.

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You had the best post on here. A retired dentist told me to get a water bottle fill it with half hydrogen peroxide and other half with a anti cavity mouthwash, normally color is the purple kind. It can bw the off brand mix it together for 60 sec, brush your teeth then do it again for 60 sec in this process it helps rebuild enamel and whites your teeth and fills in cavities or causes less over time. Until you can go see a dr. But do this every day


Its supposed to say swish it around in mouth for 60 sec after mixing it in the water bottle and use that remedy everyday

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