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Have no cures but, a cautionary comment. I've had Psoriasis for more years than I'd like to remember. Outbreaks come and go but, recently I made a vegie stew and the recipe called for Tofu. The next day I broke out in what appeared to be hives all over my torso. Now, several weeks later, I still have itchy scabby blotches on my back and stomach. If you're not used to soy products in large quantities, try only small amounts. The results of too much at one time are devastating!

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never should consume any soy including organic soy. contains phytoestrogens, trypsin inhibitor interferes with protein digestion, anti-thyroid agent, reduces absorption of vitamin B12 and D, processed soy contains toxic lysinoalanine and carcinogenic nitrosamines. feeding your child soy formula is the estrogen equivalent of 5 birth control pills a day!!!! look up for info on soy, fluoride, flu shots, artificial sugars, milk, ect.

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