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Oh wow I tell you , feeling relieved is amazing. Wow Those were the most intense hour of my life ! So I have a hole in my tooth . First time it's started hurting ( after I flossed with Listerine), ibuprofen did not do much , and I came in here and salty luke warmed water did the job. Stopped using regular mouthwash ,It was like I was flossing the pain away every time i did with salty water . I flossed like that for about three days and brush my teeth after every meals.

This time ( a month later) silly me carelessly ate spicy rice and a grain got stuck in the hole. It started hurting a little so I brushed ( but only managed to make the grain go deeper ) and then I tried to get it out with a toothpick and flossed with cold water. WORST IDEA EVER! Within 10 minutes I had such an intense pain that i started sweating and shacking with fever. Tried salty water (luke warm) again , nothing So I took 2 ibuprofen , added more salt and flossed some more (nothing).

Came in here, read here and there and boiling some water , soaking in a cloth that i massaged my whole face with , especially the outside of the painful area, help reduce the pain ( + fever) tremendously and instantly. But the pain will start again as soon as the cloth was cold. So I took one of those frozen veggies pack from the freezer and placed it on the outside of the area and AHHHHHHH much much better. Fever when down and it was soothing. What did the job was that, after a few minutes ( when the pain became even more bearable) I DIPPED MY TOOTHBRUSH IN BAKING SODA and brushed my teeth about 3 times gently going over the sick tooth and swollen gum area, the swelling instantly reduce and the pain some more . Then i brushed 2 times with my normal toothpaste (crest) As i flushed with more salted water, some tiny food pieces came out . Et voila ! *_* PAIN FREE. I intend to brush with baking soda first and then regular toothpaste for the rest of my life and everyday. Get well soon & good luck.

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